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BMC Digital Workplace 18.05 is Now Available

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BMC Digital Workplace 18.05 is Now Available 16.08.2018 14:37

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BMC Digital Workplace 18.05 is Now Available

Product Release Update: August 9, 2018


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BMC Software announces the 18.05 release of BMC Digital Workplace. This release delivers significant new functionality that customers have requested, including enhancements to the end-user experience and catalog capabilities, as well as various defect fixes.

Key features and changes include:

  • Data protection enhancements to support the GDPR
    The Personal Data Privacy Utility for BMC Digital Workplace supports the data protection and privacy requirements outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The utility works both for the basic configuration (BMC Digital Workplace) and the advanced configuration (BMC Digital Workplace Catalog and BMC Digital Workplace). It is compatible with Linux, Windows, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle. To learn more about the utility, see Addressing data privacy requests.
  • Installation and upgrade changes
    Starting with 18.05, the BMC Digital Workplace installation and upgrade experience has been greatly simplified. The installer is now separate from Remedy with Smart IT. You will need to move your data from MongoDB to a relational database, and install the Remedy ITSM integration patch on the ITSM server before you upgrade BMC Digital Workplace. Smart IT administrators can also enable BMC Digital Workplace Catalog integration. For an overview of the upgrade process, see Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace.
  • iOS application re-signing changes
    The iOS re-signing process has been modified: the .ipa file is no longer provided. You must use the .xcarchive file to re-sign your iOS application and generate an .ipa file from it. For related information, see Re-sign the Apple iOS client application for Enterprise distribution and Re-sign the Apple iOS client application for App Store distribution.
  • Configuring RSSO integration with Catalog
    Starting with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog version 18.05, you can use the configure_rsso.sh command to configure BMC Remedy Single Sign-On integration with your BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server. For more information, see Configuring BMC Remedy Single Sign-On integration for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.
  • Integration with external systems supporting asset management
    BMC Digital Workplace Catalog now supports integrating with external systems that support asset management, such as Remedy Asset Management. This integration provides end users with additional capabilities for accessing and using assets entitled to them. When assets are entitled to end users, they can access them from their My Stuff page. For a quick overview of this feature, see BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 18.05.00 enhancements.
  • Service actions enhancements
    You can now easily export and import service actions from and to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog as .zip files. Additionally, when end users complete action requests, they can see on the service request tiles whether the requests have been successfully submitted. For more details about managing service actions, see Associating a service with service actions.
  • My Stuff page updates
    Starting with 18.05, end users can use the My Stuff page to access assets retrieved from external systems, such as Remedy Asset Management, and perform allowed actions. Categories are automatically generated based on asset groups to which service requests and assets belong. For details, see Setting up the My Stuff page.
  • Amazon Web Service Catalog connector
    The AWS Service Catalog connector has been implemented in version 18.05 to support integration with Amazon Web Service (AWS) via BMC Integration Service. Services that can be imported, include the original workflows and questionnaires. Catalog administrators can easily modify these services as necessary, and publish them to end users. For more information, see AWS Service Catalog connector.
  • Workflow enhancements
    In previous versions of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, workflows of imported services could only be viewed in JSON. In version 18.05, they are available from the UI view. Additionally, previously catalog administrators could not check which items were associated with a workflow when they were about to delete a workflow. Now they can look up related services, bundles, service actions, and questionnaires, and perform related actions. The new 18.05 workflows have been created with unique names, so that they do not conflict with your existing workflows. If you configured a system to return a response in an earlier version of BMC Digital Workplace, BMC recommends that you delete or disable the existing workflows since they perform the same function as the new workflows.
  • Catalog search enhancements
    Starting with this release, you can search for service requests by submitted responses. The search is case insensitive and returns all submitted service requests. The ability to search for service requests by submitted answers only works for SRDs that originate from BMC Service Request Management, and only if the required settings are enabled in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console. For more details about this enhancement, see How search works.
  • Shopping cart enhancements
    You can now add items to the default shopping cart. End users can save their shopping carts and complete their shopping later. The shopping carts that are saved for later are available only on the Universal Client and not on mobile clients.
  • Navigation and related enhancements
    The Browse categories section in the Catalog page now shows three levels of categories, and lets you easily find a service or a catalog item by category. Administrators can now adjust tile sizes for full-page section views and predefined service category views. For more information about how to configure service tile sizes, see Setting up sections in the Catalog.
  • Deprecations
    Apache Tomcat 7.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 are no longer supported for BMC Digital Workplace 18.02 and later. For detailed system requirements, see System requirements.

Getting BMC Digital Workplace 18.05
This feature release is available for download from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. For download links and checksum information, see Downloading the BMC Digital Workplace installation files.

Getting BMC Digital Workplace 18.05 Patch 1
If you are upgrading to BMC Digital Workplace 18.05, we recommend downloading the patch. This patch provides critical defect fixes, and also contains an improved MongoDB social data migration utility, and a new post-upgrade cleanup utility. For more information on the patch, see Patch 1 for version 18.05.00

Want more details?
For detailed release notes, including known and corrected issues, see the BMC Digital Workplace Basic release notes and the BMC Digital Workplace Advanced release notes.:

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BMC Software

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