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Новая программа обучения специалистов для партнеров BMC PREP FY2019

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Новая программа обучения специалистов для партнеров BMC PREP FY2019 01.06.2018 13:09

  Изменения в программе подготовки для Партнеров PREP Program FY2019

PREP is a successful partner education program.

The Partner Readiness and Education Program (PREP) has entered its fourth year as BMC’s program for partner education and certification. To date, over 2,200 BMC partners have participated in the program, earning 900 certifications and 1,161 accreditations.

Over the years, BMC has changed the PREP tracks and certification program, and this year is no different. Go to the PREP website to view the current tracks and to keep up to date with changes throughout the year.

PREP overview for FY19

Primary features of the FY19 PREP program follow.

Track and certification level options

The following bullet points describe the primary features and changes in certification levels. Pricing stays consistent with PREP in previous years, with adjustments for currency changes.

  • Accreditation tracks will transition to Certified Associate tracks during the year. Accredited individuals will be grandfathered to a Certified Associate status when the conversion occurs for a given product.
  • There are three certification levels:
    • Accreditation/Certified Associate
    • Certified Professional (which includes Accredited/Certified Associate)
    • Certified Expert
  • There are fifteen product tracks offered, each with up to three certification levels: Certified Associate, Certified Professional, and Certified Expert. Check the website for each track.
  • Most tracks for this current year will include classes that have an Assisted Self-Paced (ASP) option. These classes are recorded versions of our instructor-led courses that include the same course materials, lab environments, and instructor time if needed. 

    This option allows partners to complete training at their convenience rather than waiting for the scheduled class. Choose how you want to take the training: live over WebEx in a scheduled class or recorded. 

Check the website for class schedules and ASP options.

Expiring Exams

With the original launch of PREP, all Certified Professional exams were valid for three years. Individuals who passed the Certified Professional exams during the first year of PREP will see their certifications expire this year. These partner individuals can become recertified by registering for and passing the BMC Certified Professional exam.


The BMC Certified Professional exam is changing format from a two-to-four-day practical exam to a two-hour, proctored, multiple-choice exam. These exams will be valid for two years. Partner individuals who pass the existing two-to-four-day Certified Professional exams will continue to earn three years of validity.


Several rebates are available for partners and are as follows:

  • Full rebates are available for individuals who recertify existing BMC Certified Professional exams that are expiring in this term of PREP (April 2018 to March 2019). This rebate is valid for all Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners after the partner individual passes the recertification exam.
  • Gold and Platinum partners are eligible for rebates on PREP tracks in which a Certified Professional or Certified Expert designation is earned:
    • Platinum partners can received up to 12 tracks/rebates for the year.
    • Gold partners can received up to six tracks/rebates for the year.
    • Existing Silver and Bronze partners are ineligible for this rebate.
  • New partners are eligible for rebates within the first six months for two Certified Professionals.
  • There are no rebates for Accreditations or Certified Associates.

With or without rebates, PREP is a great value to partners as the tracks are already highly discounted training and certification packages compared to the regular partner pricing for the standard courses.


Rebates are paid out in MDF funds once the partner has paid its PREP invoice and the participants have passed their Certified Professional or Certified Expert exams.